About Us

'Friends of the Triangle, Aldcliffe Rd' was established in June 2012 as an entity through which a group of local residents could take forward outline plans to improve the Triangle for the benefit of the community.

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Rather than formally constitute a new organisation, we immediately resolved to pursue an offer to become a subgroup of the The Fairfield Association, a local environmental charity. This was formalised in December 2012 and our Terms of Reference can be found here.

Friends of the Triangle is chaired by Cllr Dave Brookes and the secretary is Peter Callingham. Mike Swan is responsible for this website. Please feel free to contact us.


Having obtained informal agreement in principle from British Waterways (the landowner) and Lancaster City Council (the leaseholder), Friends of the Triangle was established to pursue the following objectives:

  1. Work up designs for improvements to the site and consult the public on these.
  2. Obtain a sub-lease for the land and buildings from Lancaster City Council.
  3. Obtain planning permission for change of use of the land to public green space.
  4. Obtain grant funding for improvements to the site.
  5. Implement agreed improvements and maintain the site for the duration of the lease.

Our current outline plans for the site are as follows:

  1. Lower the canal boundary wall and reuse copings, leaving gaps for access off the towpath where rebuilding wall is impractical due to trees.
  2. Retain the building and wall on Aldcliffe Rd boundary, and seek to bring the building back into use as tool shed/workshop/other.
  3. Adapt the existing timber structure for use as an arbor with suitable vine planting.
  4. Demolish the former toilet and the lean-to buildings at the back of the site.
  5. Improve the green areas as public/community amenity space, including planting eg bulbs, fruit bushes, fruit trees.