Our Proposals

Outline Proposals

- Demolish former toilet and lean-to buildings at rear of site (possibly re-using bricks for raised beds?)
- Retain and repair central building for use as toolshed/workshop/other?
- Repair, reduce height of towpath boundary wall and reinstate former access point(s) including gates to match railings. See the document Works to Towpath Wall.
- Use timber frame structure as arbor/pergola for growing (grape?) vines
- Restore cobbled areas
- Some wildflower areas, bulb planting etc
- Fruit bushes (possibly in raised beds)
- Some element of tub gardening on concrete area under pergola and elsewhere?
- Paths (using bricks from demolition?)
- Natural play features?
- Notice board
- Compost/leaf mould heap
- Water butt

Challenges include:
- Ground may be almost all hard material under nominal 2" soil cover
- Almost certainly some contamination to be dealt with
- Site has been used for drug taking and in some areas soil will need to be removed to ensure site is safe

We have consulted with the public using questionnaires at our summer fairs from 2012 to 2014 and using an online questionnaire on this website. The consultation period is now over; there has been strong support for our proposals and we propose to press ahead. If you have any further ideas or suggestions please contact Dave Brookes through the Contact page of this website.

siteplan with alterations marked

To see the proposed design please go on to the Design page.